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Yearly Leaf

a NEW dimension to your Facebook.

The experiment continues!

Wow! Its been an incredibly busy 4th quarter and we think our current and future customers need to know how Yearly Leaf is doing.

When we first imagined Yearly Leaf we literally saw our books as a timeless form factor that tells the story of your online life through Facebook status updates, comments, pictures and then ‘magically’ archives the digital history forever i.e. on your bookshelf, coffee-table…etc…

The reality was when we launched we completely underestimated how many pages were in the average book. A couple months prior to our launch we sampled 334 different users in our beta group and figured that the biggest book would be just under 200 pages. We were WAY off! When we went live in August we saw over 200 orders placed (in 24 hours) with the average book being 420 pages! But we went ahead and printed/ bound those customers books. The cost of each of those books was roughly $120…so by selling the books at $49 including printing, shipping, binding and taxes we were losing hard.

However we did not want to lose the quality of the book which we believe makes Yearly Leaf unique in a market where so many competitors offer the same basic hard cover books.

So…as we have said before…Yearly Leaf is an experiment. And to that end…we will again be offering the Yearly Leaf book and digital version beginning in 2013. However the difference will be the binding. Cost, unlimited pages…etc will remain the same at $49.

We will see how our customers react to the newer version of a sustainable Yearly Leaf book and business! 

Have a great holiday!

See you in the next year!
Best wishes & cheers,

YL Team

****UPDATED pricing for Yearly Leaf now $99.

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"a desire for tangible artifacts of our past…"
- Huffington Post Yearly Leaf

Did you see this?

Well, it has been year since we first conceived the idea of making your Facebook online presence, a permanent part of your life. Do you think that perhaps subconsciously we named it Yearly Leaf because we knew it would take that amount of time to produce an excellent product :)  Who knows, we’re not Sigmund Freud, however, Freud said “Dreams are often most profound when they seem the most crazy.“ Hats off to Freud (an original thinker) because at a time when physical presence seems to be going away, and everything is digital, then stored in the clouds, (have you ever tried to capture a cloud) we wanted to develop an experiment in social permanence.

Why we call Yearly Leaf an experiment?

We have an idea of what the perfect book is from your feedback to the look and feel to pricing/ ordering.

When we launched Yearly Leaf last week, people and press used some of these words to describe Yearly Leaf…timeless, classic, hard bound, effortless to create, simple pricing, not a photobook, the Facebook book…etc.

And with the initial launch press and frenzied ordering some crucial developments were left out!

Did you see this! check out our Facebook for more info

Prior to our first print run we were able to add QR Codes to each monthly cover that allows you to go back and relive that moment online again! Talk about full circle.

Ordering your Yearly Leaf is simple! $49 includes printing, taxes, page count, shipping and binding. Yearly Leaf is that magical. We are not trying to be a photo book. This is your data that makes your story epic!

See what we are up to at http://www.facebook.com/theyearlyleaf

***You can also order your DIY Yearly Leaf for $1.99

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****UPDATED pricing for Yearly Leaf now $99.

Classic binding.

Classic binding.

Monthly re-cap covers

Monthly re-cap covers

Inside a Yearly Leaf

Inside a Yearly Leaf

Taking orders

Yearly Leaf is more than a book … it is your story, your location, your memories and your data. Of course Yearly Leaf at its core is the honest to goodness, hold-it-in-your-hand, share it IRL, physical, printed archive of your Facebook wall book. But we hope it will become a yearly tradition maybe even your own Facebook library organized by year. (send pics)

We know you will like it :) and now your can get it. We have both 2010 and 2011 avaliable for ordering in either print for $49 (includes everything printing, shipping, binding, taxes) or digital for $1.99 (PDF) for the DIY users out there who can do something we can only hope to share with all of you.

So you know…we currently can only ship in the United States but we are working aggressively to offer our international users Yearly Leaf ASAP.

The press gets it, this morning media outlets have already dubbed Yearly Leaf “the Facebook book,” and we like that.

As you know…we’ve been to the printers and met with the concept designers and planners and production specialists. We’ve printed several test runs, experimented with binding options and “extras”, and learned a whole heckuvalot about what makes an excellent book excellent. We also learned how to save a lot of trees by planning ahead.

Maybe you know someone who got an early b&w prototype, or a color one, or one with the cool location maps, or one with the awesome monthly intro collages? <— that made it in the final version BTW. If not, trust us… it’s awesome. And so far, some of the best enhancement ideas came from you fans out there.

Live your story today.

****UPDATED pricing for Yearly Leaf now $99.

We are live!

It has been a long year but we are finally here! Thank you to our beta users and our awesome team!

As of today, Yearly Leaf is available in print and digital for the years 2010 and 2011.

-YL team

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Our updated FB cover photo! Yearly Leaf on Facebook

Our updated FB cover photo! Yearly Leaf on Facebook

Take stock in your friends not IPO’s

Just kidding…at Yearly Leaf we love Facebook….WE GET IT/ You get it…the outside world does not understand Facebook’s value beyond revenues…but 950 million people, multiple revolutions, our president, the wannabe president, every pop, rap, country, dance, festival, your best friend, your mom, dad, brother, ex-girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, lover, sometimes your dog, your company, your baby pictures, engagements, relationships…you get it…are all on Facebook. Everyone has a story…As Steve Jobs said in his commencement speech in 2005 you cannot connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking backwards.

As our experiment in social permanence continues we are offering the simple yearly selection beginning with 2010 and 2011.

Who knows what products we will come up with together. This is just a starting place, this is just the first dot.

Launch announcement coming this week.

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